How We Roll

We respect and value our craft, our work, and we care about our guest’s experience. We stand strong on offering high quality live music and most of all, we always bring “happy” to your party.

We are honest about who we are and how we work. We will not invite musicians based on other Islands (unless they are among our favorite players) to our events to keep our pricing more appealing. In doing so, we are ensuring that you will not have musicians meeting each other for the first time while setting up their instruments before your event. Our promotional material is also 100% Lyons Mane. No videos or audio recordings from a vast network based outside of Hawaii. No deceiving tactics are used to get our contracts and we will never break our team in parts to cover multiple bookings on the same day. We pledge to offer you our undivided attention and always reply to your questions in a timely manner. We are genuine people and we only work with people who value honesty as well.

If you like our competitors; chances are that you’re gonna love us! Our team is comprised of the best local musicians, we are the “A-team” of local entertainment and we pride ourselves on providing fun, pizazz and heartfelt aloha to our guests.

A portion of our yearly profits will go directly towards bettering the musician’s Ohana of Hawaii through our non-profit organization, Lyons Share, launched in February 2020!

We are crafted with Aloha and we are Hawaii based and owned!

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